The People Skills Foundation Course

20 Principles To Guide Your Life

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The People Skills Foundation Course was put together for people like you who want to take their life to a new level by teaching you to feed your mind enough of the right material so you can reprogram your subconscious mind to overcome your barriers that are holding your back in your life. It is all about the renewing of your mind and why you should feed your mind daily. Giving you step by step instructions showing you how you can change your life.

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20 Principles To Change Your Life

The principles taught through this course are right out of the bible and work really well at home and in the marketplace. This course will show you not only how to make a living, but most importantly, how and why you should, to make a life. To do what really matters.

Simple Application

Instructions on how to apply each principle in your life.

Do At Your Own Pace

Learn 20 principles in 14 weeks or less. No deadlines, tests, or quizzes

Opportunity For Reflection

Post lesson opportunities and prompts for reflection with customized handouts.

Easy Access

Convenient course access on computer, tablet, or cell phone.

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We know this course can make a difference in your life, so we want to offer the Introduction and Lesson 1 on Desire absolutely FREE. This is your chance to browse the course and begin learning from Virgil Day 1.


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